1. We got some awesome new distro items:

    • Jon E. Erkkilä 
      Handmade cassettes with the 2014 album ”Southside of the Cloud Kingdom” and the 2013 album “The Room of My Life” on side A and all new “Rain on the Other Side” on side B. Spraypainted tapes, full page insert, sixty (!) minutes of music. /50
    • Delay “Circle Change” 
      Columbus, Ohio’s DIY mainstays have recorded their sixth full length. “Circle Change” finds them adding some 90’s indie and some big brooding rock songs to their repertoire of melodic pop-punk songs. Salinas Records.
    • Delay “Plain Language”
    • Delay “Rushing Ceremony”

      Scoop ‘em up here
  2. dillvers:


    after a few weeks of working a lot/doing shows a lot/losing my first two drafts of the calendar with all of my handwritten words/lil drawings - i finished this guy. i’ll print them out tomorrow when i can (jesse…) and bring em to tata’s, hidden grounds, and spina records. if you’d like one let me know, i’m gonna print out a few to give out to the houses and to leave at places. mary kate - it’s your turn ;)

    (it’s formatted to be way small on here but i promise u u can read the text otherwise) 

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  4. suburbia 4/12/14


  5. flemingtondiy:

    We are so pleased to announce our grand opening in coordination with Flemington’s car show!

    We will be opening our doors and will be featuring lots of local artists and vendors!

    Come grab some refreshments, buy some art, and check out the new community art space Ninety Main!! 

    Artists/Vendors featured include:

    Mike Brown - https://www.facebook.com/therealcornelius
    Lauren Lamatina
    Todd Purse - http://toddstuffs.tumblr.com/
    Marissa Paternoster
    Rachel Razza - http://rachelrazza.weebly.com/
    Ann Colandro - http://anncalandro.webs.com/
    Katie Barrett
    Start Something NJ - www.startsomethingnjnj.org
    and more!

    Serenaded by Chris Sailer on his keyboards. 

    If you would like to set up a table or have a piece featured, email us at flemingtonDIY@gmail.com for details!!!

    All ages and all mediums!

    90 Main St.
    Flemington, NJ

  6. forgottengrin:



  7. flemingtondiy:

    WE DID IT!

    In anticipation of the May 31st grand opening of Flemington’s new community art space, we invite you to come participate in our first official clean-up day, this Sunday, May 25 starting at 11am!

    We encourage helpers to bring garbage bags, vacuums, paper towels and other cleaning…

    Come check out the new community art space & lend a hand!


  8. We have been working hard on this project for a while now and it’s finally coming to light. So excited to announce NINETY MAIN as Flemington’s new all-ages art space. Follow the site and keep your eyes open!!